A fashionable and convenient mobile bank. However is it safe?

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Despite the fact that online banking has already appeared in the previous century, there are still many people who object to using it. They are mainly afraid of whether it is safe or sure their data will not fall into the wrong hands, and of course, whether their life savings will not disappear from the account in mysterious circumstances. And here it is worth noting that these fears are understandable on the one hand, and completely unfounded on the other.


Risk of using mobile banks


Because, does it really happen so often that funds from someone’s account disappear due to the use of mobile banks? If they disappear mainly due to uncontrolled purchases, in extreme cases due to carelessness and distraction of its owner and, for example, voluntary, careless disclosure of login data to a third party.

Although banks always warn us against such behavior.

The first suggestions for using the account via the Internet appeared in the ’90s. However, then the possibilities were limited only to using the account via the Internet, only using a desktop computer. A lot has changed since then. Fortunately, there are more or less the same opponents of mobile banking as its supporters.


Some are not even able to imagine other banking operations

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For active users of mobile banks, it is primarily convenience, time saving and often a large amount of money (because, however, Internet banking is probably free in most banks). Thanks to mobile banking, we are not limited by the number of operations we can perform, nor the place where we are, or even the bank’s office hours.

We can use the mobile bank from almost anywhere in the world, at any time, and of course we can track our account, our expenses 24 hours a day. We can do it without moving from the comfort of home, without even rising from the chair, or, if we are away, we can do the transfer even lying on a blanket in a clearing under the forest.


And what about the security of such services?

And what about the security of such services?

This is the main reason for concern for those who have not yet started using mobile banking. They are afraid of checking the account securely or making any financial transactions. As a rule, it is the case that most of these people are generally skeptical about services offered via the Internet, they do not trust them. And it’s not just about handling your personal account.

Do they really have something to fear? If they would decide to use the services of a mobile bank, all you have to do is follow the security recommendations provided by the bank to minimize any risk. What content are these recommendations usually?

Whether we use a smartphone or tablet, it is absolutely necessary to protect this device with a password, the use of public WiFi wireless network should be limited to a minimum. And above all, not sharing your logins and passwords to third parties or anyone who will ask us for such information via the Internet.


Most abuses in mobile banking are due to the account owner being not careful

In general, using online banking is secure. Often considered even safer than traditional ones. Banks in their mobile versions introduce numerous safeguards that are not so simple to bypass. For example, one of the banks proposed a rather innovative solution to its mobile clients.

The latest mobile application security he introduced is voice biometrics. Users of this application do not have to try to remember passwords. Logging in to the account is based on the recognition of the customer’s voice. I wonder how logging in using biometrics takes place, for example, when our voice changes due to a runny nose or cold? Although it will probably cope with such difficulties.


Simplicity and convenience is the motto of online banking

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What should online banking do? Only a dozen or so years ago we didn’t have such opportunities and we managed somehow. However, times have changed a little. Now we are still complaining about the lack of time, respite, overload of duties. And such a mobile bank is a solution for at least some of our complaints.

Operating such a mobile application is becoming more and more intuitive and extremely convenient. Thanks to it, we have unlimited access to our personal account, sometimes or where we are.

At any time, we can set up a deposit, apply for a loan, pay bills or invoices without leaving home, or just following the tourist trail. We save such valuable time and we still have control over the state of our account. One of the banks runs ahead and offers voice banking.

Thanks to it, we no longer have to use the keyboard or screen of the phone when performing operations. We can issue commands by voice, and the intelligent application will do everything we say

Earlier, we could only use online banking with a desktop computer. Today, all we need is a device with a built-in network access, be it a smartphone or a tablet.


The sum of the benefits of mobile banking

The sum of the benefits of mobile banking

Those who are already actively using mobile banking praise, above all, convenience and comfort. And what is important is not saving money. There are still many people running monthly to the post office with bills, for each bill they incur an additional fee for the transfer, the amount of which is created somewhere from about 1 PLN upwards, depending on the amount of fees.

All in all, it may turn out to be quite a large amount, and even looking at it from the perspective of the year it is quite, quite. Plus, we don’t waste money on getting to the bank branch and time to wait for service. Today, even an account can be created via the mobile application.

It is even an increased sense of security. We can control our account resources at any time and in any place, thanks to planning expenses in such a way that they do not exceed its balance, make a transfer that we have accidentally forgotten, and the deadline is chasing. The advantage is also the fact that orders are carried out quickly and their cost is much lower, or not at all.


Does the mobile bank have any bad sides?

mobile bank have any bad sides?

The only thing users of mobile banks mainly complain about is the inability to contact a bank employee in case we want to get to know a specific offer. However, for those who want hard thread. On most banking sites we can successfully see all their offers, usually there are also guides and answers to frequently asked questions.

Fortunately, there are many more advantages than disadvantages. And the disadvantage is one that you can easily handle. Safety, comfort and convenience. And for those who still do not trust mobile banking, it is enough for them to use it once and their level increases significantly.

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