Cashless Payments are the Tech Trends of the Future

Technology is developing and changing at a pretty rapid rate, and it affects everything. Consider how gaming and finances are both influenced by technology. The digital landscape makes it much easier to do certain things and to achieve what you want. We can look back at how much technology has changed things in the gaming world.


Coins were replaced with notes, and it looks as though notes could well be the next to be replaced. Many casinos are considering heading down the route of introducing cards or gaming tickets. This would remove the finance element completely; adding better security, and making things easier for the casinos.


We’ve no idea the sheer scale of time, money and effort casinos face when dealing with cash. They have to handle it, store it, protect it, and count it. There are a lot of regulations and legal requirements in place. So, sometimes it’s easier to simply remove the cash element completely.


The next logical progression seems to be the introduction of card payments and casino vouchers. And some casinos have already begun experimenting with this very idea. Casinos based in Nevada have started trying out two alternative cashless payment methods, and we’re going to examine them now.


Casino Cards

A company called Sightline Payments has developed these casino club cards for members to use. They work a little like cash cards, and people top them up using their bank accounts. The great thing about these cards is that you can use them in slot machines! You can check your balance and top up with ease without having to leave the casino. They also come with a cap which is good for those who want to have limits in place to help them. These cards could well become the most popular payment option for customers over time. They have a big appeal due to the fact that they are easy to use, quick, and secure as well. Everything can be done online, and this benefits both casinos and customers. Watch this space for casino cards going mainstream in the next few years.



Another of the cashless payment alternatives is the use of ticket vouchers. These operate like tokens that customers can use to game in the casino. IGT EZ Pay is the ticket voucher system that is being used by these Nevada casinos. These vouchers are brilliant because they remove the cash aspect, and can be used to play any of the casino games. Customers can still trade in vouchers for cash at any time so it may not be benefiting the casinos completely. But, one thing is sure, it certainly reduces the amount they have to deal with money. This is a relatively new casino payment idea but looks likely to become more widespread over the next few years.

We will definitely reach a point soon where cashless payments are widespread in casinos across the world. This is something we need to prepare for, and, it could have a profound effect on the way we view and experience gaming.