New Loyalty Technologies Released by Greektown Casino-Hotel

It’s important to think about how much casinos are going to change in the coming years. We are already seeing signs of it, and the online casinos are doing all they can to ensure they stay relevant and make sure they are prepared for this change. One of the ways they are managing to do that is by embracing and launching new technologies.


Technology plays such a big role for online casinos and determines much of the experience players have. That’s why casinos are always looking for ways to launch new technology that will be beneficial to them. Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit is one example, and they have launched new loyalty technologies for their guests.


We are going to have a brief look at these technologies, what they are, and what they can offer to casino customers.


Greektown Mobile App

Apps are all the rage these days, and for good reason as well. They are a fast, efficient, and effective way of carrying out your daily life. In the case of the Greektown app, this is an app that allows customers to use their phone for every loyalty promotion. It makes things so much simpler, because promotions, rewards, membership login, parking, and even meals can all be sorted out by this app. It basically gives players one device they can use for everything during their time in the casino. This is crucial as it is an innovative and impressive way of improving the entire customer experience. People are always looking for convenience, and this is a great way of illustrating that from a casino perspective. The app is like the casino Bible that players can refer to on their phone, and find out anything. It may not be long before we see this being implemented in all casinos.


GT Connect

GT Connect is another wonderful bit of tech that perfectly complements the mobile app. GT Connect provides a USB port on slot machines that allows players to plug in and connect their player’s card, charge their phone, and enjoy the benefits of the slots. They can use any USB cord to earn rewards and download bonuses as they play. It allows players the chance to simplify their participation and experience without the use of several cards. GT Connect captures perfectly exactly what is needed for casinos to improve their technology. The focus is on convenience, as well as giving the customers a better and more enjoyable process. These two technologies really look set to revolutionize gaming at Greektown Casino-Hotel. And, if they prove to be a success, we could see them going mainstream very quickly.