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Many households must honor their commitments after signing loan agreements and after having incurred private debts. However, buying a new debt to pay back old ones is often not the right solution.

A personal loan to pay off debts

A personal loan to pay off debts

Sometimes a home may have difficulty repaying the bank financing it has taken out and is trying to find solutions to honor its commitments. Subscription to a personal loan is often the idea towards which a borrower naturally turns because it is financing that does not require proof of purchase such as a quote or an invoice. In general, the personal loan is used to finance unforeseen expenses without affecting their savings. However, this type of financing remains a consumer credit whose contract involves repaying a monthly payment to the lender. Contracting a new loan to repay debts is not recommended by the institutions, they advise to avoid a new subscription.

Why should credit for debt repayment be avoided?


Going to a bank to apply for a credit is equivalent to accumulating new funding to repay the old. The expenses that the household has to pay every month are thus increased when the goal was to reduce its debt and return to a calm and stable financial situation. Thus, the accumulation of debts is not a solution adapted to the finances of the borrower. In addition, there are other financings which, instead of increasing the amount of the maturities, reduce the monthly payments to be repaid.

Up to 60% off your monthly payments Your project

  • Redemption of credits Finance a project Renegotiate an immo loan Currently, do you pay back mortgages?
  • * No Yes Real Estate Credit (s) Remaining amount (s) to be reimbursed
  • * € Amount of monthly payments
  • * € Currently, do you pay back consumer loans?
  • * No Yes Examples: auto loan, loan work, revolving credit, etc … Consumer credit (s) Remaining amount (s) to be reimbursed
  • * € Amount of monthly payments * € If you want to include an amount for a new project, please specify New project € Project type – To choose – car Immovable Works Staff How long do you want to repay your purchase of credits? Duration in years
  • * – To choose – 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 years) Duration in years
  • * – To choose – 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years) You are ?
  • * Owner Tenant Staff housing Hosted Hosted: by a third party, by the family, etc … Value of good Present value of the property
  • * € Rent Rent
  • * € Your job Profession
  • * – To choose – Farmer Artisan, trader Frame Entrepreneur Official Interim Disability Worker Retirement salaried Unemployed Contract
  • * – Choose a profession – Your monthly income
  • * € Are you in the bank of France?
  • * No Prohibited banking FICP Both Have you applied to another organization?
  • * No Yes Family status You are – To choose – Married) Single Widow (er) Divorcee) PACS (e) free Union In the process of divorce Matrimonial regime – To choose – Legal community reduced to acquests Separation of property Universal community Participation in the acquests Monthly income of the co-borrower
  • * € Co-borrower’s contract
  • * – To choose – CDI CSD Retirement Trainee Interim Liberal profession Unemployed Holder Contractual (Ic) Disability Dependent children 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your details Name
  • * – M Mrs Ms First name
  • * Born
  • * Your address Address Postal code
  • * City Means of contact E-mail
  • * In order to receive your new monthly payment Telephone (landline or mobile)
  • * I accept to receive Sairey Gamp’s proposals I declare on my honor the accuracy of the information provided
  • * Previous % following (*) Required fields

The repurchase of credit instead of the new loan

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In order to pay off debts and return to a balanced budget, the solution is to consolidate your loans into a single financing. The repurchase of credit makes it possible to assemble the loans contracted by the debtor (consumption and real estate) by adding the possible debts of rent, taxes, bank overdrafts and other unpaid household. The lengthening of the total duration of the loan makes it possible to reduce the amount of the monthly payment and to find a stable financial situation. The home also has the possibility of integrating an additional amount into the operation, dedicated to a project such as the acquisition of a car or electrical appliances for example. By simulating its loan consolidation, the borrower can know his eligibility and begin the process of finding the best financing solution. When the funds are released, all the consolidated debts (consumer loans, mortgages and other debts) will be reimbursed in advance by the body that granted the new financing.

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