The best loan offers for PLN 10,000 a year

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When looking for a good loan of PLN 10,000 a year, we should look through several offers and compare them before we decide on one.

Decision making will be facilitated by special rankings on the internet. On their basis, we will be able to check the most important information regarding each loan, which of course will be included in this ranking.

Let’s follow some offers that were included in such rankings


It is a cash loan under which we can borrow from PLN 1,000 to PLN 20,000. It is an online loan and the money will reach our account even in less than half an hour. The interest rate for this offer is 0%, and the commission is 12%. The actual Annual Interest Rate is 0.89%. It’s very low.

Based on these data, the bank will calculate us a monthly installment of PLN 946.97, which gives the total cost of the loan of PLN 11,363.64. The interest will be zero, but all loan costs will amount to PLN 1363.64.

Cash loan in Bank Good Finance


Another offer is a cash loan at Bank Good Finance. As part of this offer, we can take a loan in the amount of PLN 1,000 to PLN 150,000. The maximum loan period in this case is 84 months. The bank ensures that the funds will reach our account in just three minutes. One would thing that express loan.

The interest rate offered by the bank is 7.99%. In addition, the bank will charge us a commission of 2%. The APRC in this case is 12.47%. On this basis, the bank will calculate us a monthly installment of PLN 881.68. As you can see, it is about sixty zlotys lower than in the case of iGotówki.

5% cash loan at E-Money Bank

5% cash loan at E-Money Bank

E-Money Bank offers us a 5% cash loan. As the name suggests, the interest rate is fixed at 5% for everyone. The maximum amount of this loan is up to two hundred thousand zlotys. In addition, the bank charges us a commission of 14%. APRC is 40.05% and is quite high. Based on this data, the bank will calculate us a monthly installment of PLN 852.71.

The installment is smaller than E-bank by about ninety zlotys and smaller by about thirty zlotys than a cash loan at Bank Good Finance. As you can see, this is the best of the three offers presented in this article. At first glance, it doesn’t look like this, but it does. That is why it is worth checking several loan offers before choosing one.

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